Who are we?

SOMA is a Christian ministry which works for the transformation of individuals, churches and the healing of communities and lands through the renewing power of the Holy Spirit through intercession, prayer and short-term multicultural, cross-cultural teams.

SOMA’s Call is to ‘care for the nervous system of the Body of Christ’.
SOMA’s ministry is to facilitate encounter with the Holy Spirit to empower and equip leaders for their own mission and ministry.
SOMA’s heart is relationship, expressed by long-term intercession and prayer, and sending and receiving short-term multicultural, cross-cultural teams.
SOMA does not have a set programme or product. For each Mission we build a unique, flexible programme to address the issues facing the delegates identified by the inviting host that are within SOMA’s call and ministry and, as the Mission progresses, adapt the programme to the issues revealed by the Holy Spirit through intercessors, delegates and team.

Typically, a team of five or six travel to a Diocese at the invitation of the Bishop to facilitate retreat conferences for clergy, women’s leaders, youth leaders, congregational leaders, evangelists, catechists and readers.

SOMA UK is in Transition…
     Between July and October 2021 SOMA UK is in transition. Stephen Dinsmore retires as National Director on the 31st July after a near decade and a half as leader and vision bearer; Judy Deegan ceases to be Administrator at the same time; on the 1st August Richard Moy takes over the lead as National Director of SOMA UK. In addition, Bishop Graham Cray ends his time as SOMA UK Patron and we welcome Bishop David Williams.
Revd Richard Moy has now been commissioned as SOMA UK’s new National Director. You can view the commissioning service held on the 6th July at Christ Church W4 in full here.

An update from the SOMA Conference on the 12th October 2021 and a message from Richard:

“Passing the mantle on well” the theme for the SOMA conference where we said fond farewells to Stephen Dinsmore, Judy Deegan, Steve Fincher and our former patron Bishop Graham Cray.

How can we share ministry with new generations? How can we pass on what we know and allow others to go further still in their walk with the Lord?

These seem really good questions to ask for SOMA. At our autumn conference we saw how Elijah invested in Elisha, who in turn invested in whole schools of prophets. What can we invest forward?

Bishop Graham Cray recently told me that, ‘all around the world you will find people who are very positive about the ministry of SOMA UK that you are inheriting, and this is because of the excellent work of Stephen Dinsmore your predecessor.’ This has already proven to be true from my conversations with many of you. We have a great deposit of faith to hand on well. Some of these stories are celebrated in the latest edition of SHARING. So how should our new team seek to build on this excellent legacy from Stephen and others going right back to 1978?

Well, mainly we want to keep doing what SOMA UK has done so well. Firstly, we want to make sure everything is birthed in prayer. Please help us to remain a mission agency where prayer is at the heart of our DNA. Secondly, we want to be obedient to God’s calling. We want to join the Holy Spirit tending to the nervous system of the body of Christ. This may mean going to places others may not easily visit, and standing alongside brothers and sisters in Christ when they are suffering. We want to see what the Lord is doing and join in. Finally, we want to amplify the voices of the men and women of faith we visit so the church around the world can benefit from their faith and stories.

(Image below: delegates of the 2021 SOMA Conference with Rev Richard Moy.)