SOMA works for the transformation of individuals and churches and the healing of communities and their lands through the renewing power of the Holy Spirit. This is through Intercession, Prayer and sending short-term Mission Teams across the Anglican Communion.

SOMA’s Call is to ‘care for the nervous system of the Body of Christ’.

SOMA values ‘keeping in step with the Spirit’, ‘being yoked to Jesus Christ’ and ‘doing what we see the Father doing’.

SOMA does not have a set programme or product. For each Mission we build a unique programme to address the issues facing the delegates identified by the inviting Bishop that are within SOMA’s call and ministry and, as the Mission progresses, adapt the programme to the issues revealed by the Holy Spirit through Intercessors, delegates and Team.

Typically, a Team of five or six travel to a Diocese at the invitation of the Bishop to facilitate retreat conferences for clergy, women’s leaders, youth leaders, congregational leaders, evangelists, catechists and readers.



SOMA was 40 years old last year!  As part of our celebrations, Archbishop Justin Welby has recorded a special anniversary video message.  Please click here to view.