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Step of Faith

We are always seeking team members for SOMA missions. So, if you are willing to take a step of faith into the unknown and move out of your comfort zone, then joining a SOMA team could be for you!

Of course, teams include those who can teach and preach, but if you can tell your faith story and pray with others you could be part of a team too. Team members raise funding for their travel and accommodation, yet in the past ten years not one person who has said ‘yes’ in faith to being on a team has not seen the Lord’s provision, sometimes in remarkable ways.

SOMA Team members say…

‘I’ll never be the same. I can’t imagine not going again. I feel a fulfillment that is different from any other previously experienced. Humbled that God could choose to use me this way.’

‘I left my comfort zone at home!’

‘I have learned more about leadership. The Lord was very gracious. A great step forward was made towards reconciliation, unity and healing within the Diocese, as well as much personal ministry to individuals. Praise God, the ministry times were beyond my expectations, especially the Holy Spirit Day. We were very blessed and wonderfully supported by the many SOMA Intercessors and our parishes.’

‘God is so good, full of grace, and I am so humbly grateful. He blessed us.’

‘I seemed to go deeper in my prayer life. I’ve more awareness of God looking out for me all of the time (not just when I ask Him); more of a realisation that there’s no point worrying when God’s in control. So I may as well stop wasting time worrying about the detail and get on with the journey.’

‘Praise God, the ministry times were beyond my expectations, especially the Holy Spirit Day. We were very blessed and wonderfully supported by the many SOMA Intercessors and our parishes.’

‘It was a privilege to pray with the delegates at the site of so much killing and to offer all the pain and destruction to God. This is a community transformed from the presence of bleak evil to the hope of Christ.’

‘Each time I return from a mission, I seem to be even more relaxed than the last time, when it comes to the weight of responsibility I feel for the impact of my work in the parish. It doesn’t all rest on my shoulders, it’s God’s work through the Spirit.’

‘It was a sense of great privilege and joy to share and serve. Deeper awareness and value of the church family in Uganda helps me think and pray with more imagination for my own context.’

‘Praying with many conference delegates, with a variety of personal needs, has refreshed my desire to pray with, and see God at work in the lives of those He brings my way. My patience and trust was strengthened and I have more awareness of the confidence He’s giving me in teaching and preaching. Also, I will be more proactive in seeking opportunities to share God’s healing in the power of the Spirit.’

‘The teaching and ministry blessed me.’

‘It’s made me want to focus on forgiveness issues and community with my young people. It has broadened my experience. I now know for sure that I want to go on further missions and be actively involved in mission, including undergoing further training.’

‘I saw an angel’

‘It was getting late, darkness was falling and we were still on the road. Yet there was still one police checkpoint to successfully clear before nightfall – or be refused permission to go on, have to stop at the checkpoint, spend the night short of our destination and sleep in the van. I urged my Team to ‘pray that they’ll let us through’. Then my nagging doubts began: if the police are nervous of us travelling that road by night, how safe was it to carry on? At that point my own prayer changed to “Lord, if it’s safe…”

‘With some reluctance on their behalf, the police allowed us to journey on. But my concern for the safety of the Team grew. It was it then that I saw, what? By the side of the track, momentarily caught in the headlights, a white figure, right hand raised in worship, slightly bowed, left hand ushering us on our way. A double-take, another glimpse – and the figure had gone. At that moment a terrific sense of peace completely overwhelmed me: we were in God’s hands, our passage protected by Angels. All would be well.’

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