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SOMA does not have a set programme or a product. For each Mission we build a unique programme to address current issues identified by the inviting Bishop that are faced by the Diocese and delegates. As the Mission progresses, we adapt the programme to further issues revealed by the Holy Spirit through intercessors, delegates and the team.

SOMA’s call and ministry is to encourage, equip, enable, envision and empower by the Holy Spirit leaders for their Mission and ministry, leaders that are ordained and lay, including clergy, women’s leaders, youth leaders, congregation leaders, evangelists, catechists, wardens and readers. This we achieve through Intercession and by sending and receiving short-term, cross-cultural Mission Teams.

To issue an invitation to SOMA, to find out more or discuss your requirements, contact National Director Stephen Dinsmore

Receiving a SOMA Team – What’s it like?

‘This is true partnership.’ – Bishop Humphrey, Peshawar, Pakistan
‘The seed you planted, it will grow and bear much fruit. Your preparation was marvellous. What I’m sure of is that God spoke to us. To God be the glory.’ Diocesan Secretary, Kinkiizi, Uganda
‘SOMA is unique. What has struck me is your humility and respect.’ – Bishop James, North Karamoja, Uganda
‘The knowledge the team shared had empowered the Church to transform the society in South Sudan and to extend the gospel to those who have not heard it.’ – Archbishop Moses, South Sudan
‘Your coming has strengthened the Christians to live their faith at this critical time. Thank you.’ – Bishop Andudu, Kadugli, Sudan
‘I got a new thing in my heart yesterday, I repent of my sins, the talk really touched me, I kept problems on my heart though I pretended to be good I did not forgive. But I sincerely repented and prayed to God for a spirit of forgiveness. When I was asleep Angels came to me and we were rejoicing and praising God together all night for the sin I repented of. I’ve been forgiven.’ JG, Ibba, South Sudan
‘Your coming has made a big impact. We will never be the same.’ – Bishop Jeremiah, Kajiado, Kenya

‘This comes with my special gratitude and appreciation to you for sending a team. We were blessed indeed by the SOMA team’s ministry and much impact was made amongst our clergy, who were empowered and refreshed to continue ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit. May God bless you.’ – Bishop Dan, Kinkiizi, Uganda


Delegate Gloria shared that she’d been born with a malformation of her, as she put it, ‘private parts’. She’d been taken, of course, to the witchdoctor as a child and, more recently, operated on in hospital. She was left with disfigurement and extensive scar tissue. She asked us to pray. The whole team did so, most at a distance, four of us beside her. As we prayed she experienced real pain and movement.

She returned the next day. Timidly she reported: ‘There’s a little new skin.’

When Gloria returned the following day there was no need for us to ask. Beaming from ear to ear, she ran into breakfast with the single word: ‘Complete!’

It was a smiling, radiant Gloria who joyfully shared her story with the whole church that Sunday.

Gloria, DR Congo

The answer to prayer walked in

The Holy Spirit had been stirring the delegates about the challenge of the absence in their churches of the majority local tribe, Toposa. The previous day the Team had received a text/SMS from the Intercessors in the UK, just one word ‘repent’. So, that morning the Team taught from the Word on repentance and the healing of communities. The delegates responded in identifying the sin, progressing to a time of heartfelt confession and repentance. The Lord followed this with a dramatic sign – the arrival of a Toposa woman. She walked straight to the front row and sat down. Asked to explain, she said: ‘My name is Suzana. This is a place of God. I am a worshipper of God, I heard that there is worship here, that you have guests, and so I came to worship with the girls. I am Toposa.

‘I have told the people to stop stealing cattle and worship God. I want to build a church in my community. I will not leave God, I always pray to God, now I am happy, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.’ Suzana, RS Sudan

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